Introducing Dana Kelley, our new violist!

Click here for the announcement from the Yale School of Music


We are so thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the Argus Quartet family!


Dana Kelley will be joining us as our new violist this January, and we know you are going to absolutely love her. Dana is a truly dynamic musician with an inquisitive spirit, and an unflappable temperament. She is a prize winner at the Sphinx and Irving Klein competitions, and she studied at Vanderbilt University as well as the New England Conservatory where she was a student of Kim Kashkashian.  She is an alumna of Carnegie’s Ensemble ACJW and has been performing recently with A Far Cry and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.


In addition to this crazy list of accomplishments, Dana’s also a laid-back, lovely person. Here’s some cool stuff we’ve learned about her so far:

  • Dana’s favorite color is purple. Clara’s favorite vegetable is eggplant, so that’s sort of a thing.
  • Dana likes to run. Jo likes to run too, so that’s also a thing. 
  • Dana ‘s New York apartment is just one block from Absolute Bagels. Bagels rule.
  • Dana told us that if she ever gets a dog, she plans to name it “Pizza.” That’s going to make it very confusing when we ask if she wants to have pizza for lunch.
  • Dana won’t play her cadenza for you before the concert because she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise. Then she’ll put a Jingle Bells quote right in the middle of it at the show
  • Dana’s middle name is Jillian. So that means she basically has three first names.
  • Dana’s a crazy good violist and an incredibly creative and inspiring musician. We are lucky to have her.